What would you do for £20

October 5, 2012 — Leave a comment
I like to think of the world in a positive light and today I’ve gotta that I’ve done my bit!
So in walking through Monument station, listening to my tunes as per usual, and I notice a guy ahead digging in his pockets trying to get some change out for a busker ahead, after a struggle he gets some change out and at the same time drops £20 out of his pocket onto the floor and walks on, so what do I do? Do I pick it up put it in my pocket and treat the fam to some McDs! No, of course not lol, I pick it up catch him up and give it back to him, to say he was thankful would be an under statement, lets just say he was pleased “your a good man” he says, “no problem” I reply feeling very happy with myself. Great start to the day…
Enjoy your Friday people 🙂

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