Time Flies When Your Having Fun…

October 9, 2012 — 1 Comment

So after a few days with a good old blog I’m back and with a vengeance haha!

After a slow start to my Monday after waiting for a delivery which gets delivered in the afternoon rather than the usual 9.30 – 10am, I finally get to the office around half 2 already anticipating a very late night early morning, not that I’m complaining but it funny how things turn out.

Feeling like I was racing against time, I was rushing about trying to do 3 things at once and after checking off 1 thing off the list by 4 I knew or thought that I was fighting a losing battle against the clock. All of a sudden I was overcome with a compete calmness, when I realized that there was no rush at all, and that I actually had all the time in the world. Looking down at the list which read: Upload Soundclouds, Do & Send T-shirt Orders, Finish Webiste, iPhone app update & do new designs I don’t know how I expected to get that all done before 6pm anyway. I end up leaving the office at half 6 with Finish website and iPhone app update left to do on list. I get home spend a bit of time with the fam, and decide to get back to work, (with feelingmandy.fm playing in the background of course). Im working and feeling sooo relaxed not worrying about other things I have to do for once. By the time I finish the website and update the iPhone app, which btw is free to download from the Apple App store its 7am. Phoenix My (3 and half year old) walks in demanding his usual morning Juice and I feel great. Mission Accomplished haha MORNING!!!

P.S. The iPhone app changes should take effect in the next few hours, feedback on it will be appreciated 🙂


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